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Acts Revival Church International is a Bible-believing, practising and Holy Spirit-filled Church. We are a non-denominational Church with no new truth.  We are part of the same old Body of Christ that Jesus has redeemed with His own precious blood. We are part of all believers who “earnestly contest for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.” (Jude 3 KJV).  We are partakers of Christ’s “Divine Nature” and colleagues with all local Churches that love biblical truth and competitors of none.


The membership of ARCI is a mixture of people from various nations and cultures who love the Lord Jesus. We are really an international congregation with different cultural backgrounds and languages.  We believe that the differences in our backgrounds are representative of God’s beauty.  What matters to us is that we are children of the same Father irrespective of where we come from.


Thus, we do our best to bring all our different earthly identities under subjection to our Lord Jesus Christ. Beside, we hold that when it comes to God’s Word (which is for all people), each group ought to bring its culture under submission to our Lord. 


We believe that in this way, people of different cultures who believe in one Lord can live together and find a common ground to worship and praise God together.

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